It is never too late

You all have probably heard someone saying things such as: “Where is this world heading to?”; “There was order, back in the days…”; “What's going on with kids these days – I don't get it…” and so on.

A Radioactive Toast To Good Health

Have you seen the new HBO miniseries Chernobyl?

Congrats and thanks to all of you who decided to continue reading after the first line. And a heartfelt thanks to everyone who decided to click on something else after reading the first sentence, something that seems way more promising – I totally understand.

I feel like getting married

I guess you don’t know who James Mack Warren Jr is? I only recently met him through a mutual friend at a weekend gathering. James is an American, a successful businessman but also an ordained minister in a church. After we met, he gave me his official minister business card.


This happened not that long ago, maybe a few years back. I was texting with an old friend of mine from school, trying to figure out when and where to meet for a reunion. After finalizing the details, setting the date and time I received the following message from him: “I am so excited to see you. Insert here the little yellow smiley guy.”

Let’s grab a coffee at the bank

Ljubljana, city center, June 2019. The spot that was a home to a legendary city cafeteria “Europe” saw the opening of a new “bancafé” under the same name. Yup, that thing that opened is a true “bancafé”. A place where you can have a cup of coffee, take cash from your account or do a series of bank-related transactions is truly a combination of a bank and a cafeteria. While you are there, it makes...

Ova stranica je dostupna i na: ???????? SRPSKOM

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