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The circus is in town

During his testimony before the American Congress, concerning Donald Trump’s shady dealings before he became US president, Michael Cohen, his attorney and one of his closest associates for numerous years, said, among other things, that even Trump himself did not believe that he would become the president, and that he had actually entered the election race to strengthen his brand and create new...

Just do it

One of the heroes of our stories has recently reappeared on the front pages and occupied prime media time. It's Colin Kaepernick, a football player who, as an act of protest against racially motivated police violence in America, during the national anthem, kneeled instead of standing at the beginning of each match.

Feel free to mess with my job

On Tuesday, February 12th, regarding the anniversary of the crime at the school in Parkland, in which a former student killed 17 students and teachers and wounded the same number, several hundred activists attended a rally on the stairs of the US Congress as a sign of support of the initiative to tighten the regulations for the purchase and possession of firearms in the United States, and above...

Who follows whom here

In late January, famous actor Ashton Kutcher tweeted that he wanted real contact with real people. In that tweet, he also published his phone number and invited people to send him a text message to connect and stay in touch, in this way.

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