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Remember the "Ice Bucket Challenge" campaign from a couple of years ago? Those days, we watched it and some of us joined in on the action by pouring cold water over ourselves.

Wear yourself with style

Legend has it that Steve Jobs once explained why he’d chosen “Think different” instead of “Think differently” for Apple’s slogan. Namely, the second slogan – “Think differently” is restricting, since you can only think differently within the same paradigm. On the other hand, “Think different”, requires a change of perspective from which you view the world, in this way creating something new.

Be human

Lil Miquela opened her Instagram account in 2016. Very soon, this 19-year-old California girl became popular. She takes pictures of herself in fashionable outfits; she visits trendy events like the Coachella Festival, where she posts series of photos which show how much fun she is having.

Fake News

It's been a couple of years. The popular nightclub on Hvar, the warm summer night, many people mingle, the great variety of languages can be heard around.  As time passes, with the help of good music and increasing amounts of alcohol, the atmosphere is getting better and better and more relaxed. Everything is just right.

Ova stranica je dostupna i na: ???????? SRPSKOM

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