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Stories From The Past: Exchange Rate List

At the beginning of those "nineties", I lived in Novi Sad and I was starting my career in direct marketing. It was the time of the wars on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and where I lived at the time, it was also the time of economic sanctions, so the main economic activity was smuggling – both on the state level, and on the individual level.

Stories From The Past: I Was There, Too

It was in 1994. I lived in Slovenia for just over a year when it was announced that Đorđe Balašević will hold a concert at the Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana. I guess there is no need to explain how a Vojvodjanin (a man from Vojvodina), who is a big fan of Đole (Đole is a nickname of Djordje – translator's comment), felt at that moment. One of my own nearest and dearest was coming. I couldn’t wait for...

Stories From The Past: Consumers Of All Countries, Unite!

nternational Workers’ Day. We already know more or less everything there is to know about it. It has been celebrated as the International Workers’ day in the world since 1889. as a reminder on labour workers’ demonstrations in Chicago at the beginning of May in  1886. Namely, after the demands for eight-hour working hours by the trade unions were rejected, more than two hundred people were killed...

Saving New York?

The problems with the exhaust fumes from transport vehicles are not quite new. In fact, they are not new at all. Actually, the world had a gruelling struggle dealing with this problem at the turn of the 19th and the 20th century. Speaking about the facts, transport was not driven by engines, but horses, but the problem of "exhaust gases" was still there. True, these "exhaust gases" were in a...

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