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Elon Musk broke some surprising news at the beginning of June to its employees, stating practically that TESLA as the company will be prohibiting working from home. Truth to be said, he did not fully exclude “work-from-home” but made it clear that those who want to work remotely will still have to spend at least 40 hours per week in the office. If you take a calculator into your hands, you will...

Where’s the new topic?

When almost four years ago I posted a blog for the very first time as the Experienced Beginner, my primary motivation was fueled by a desire to check-in with the world and say “I’m still alive”. As a person who, to this very day, has no personal account on Facebook, or even Instagram, it is not an easy fact to prove at times.  


Corona is the main topic everyone still talks about, and it’s slowly entering the second year of being omnipresent around the globe. During these two years, we were both bystanders and lead characters in the most diverse episodes of this peculiar thriller. We are currently at the “vaccination” phase.

Camping Sans Frontières

If you ever got a chance in your life to go camping, I am sure that experience is etched in your memory forever. It might have been a family vacation when you were a kid, visiting a camping site close to the seaside where you played relentlessly with other kids day and night, safe and sound.

Work from cloud

Do you remember when was the last time, since the whole pandemic started, that you said to someone „I am off to work“? OR, do you remember when was the last time someone said that to you? If and when that actually happened, you were probably shocked and reacted somewhere along the lines of: „Is it possible that you are still working from the office? How come you guys haven’t moved to ’work-from...

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