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The one and only piece of news

I have been reading WIRED magazine for a long time now. This publication is keeping up with new technologies, and in particular how tech impacts culture, politics and economy, paving a way for new trends. For an experienced beginner, that is one of the more significant sources of information. 

No Smoke without (Pussy) Fire

 “This Smells Like My Vagina”. Oh yeah, you read that one well. I can also be blunter and put that more directly, but I feel like we understand each other. Just don’t expect too much, ok? I am not trying to make a segway or retell a part of a conversation that recently took place. I also haven’t eavesdropped on someone else, rushing to spill the beans on what I heard.

Is this a(ll) a joke?

The new year started with some good news. From the beginning of January, Facebook announced that it will prohibit publishing and circulation of “deepfakes” videos in which Artificial Intelligence creates false content and places fake information by simulating people on video saying things and sentences they never actually said.

Happy Holidays to Me

If you are anything like all the normal people this time of the year, your shopping mode is reaching frenzy levels. Holidays are just around the corner – Christmas and then New Year’s Eve, or the other way around – whichever sequence you prefer. It is the season of giving and receiving, with all the well-wishes of health, happiness and so on. 

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