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Deception never catches up

Whenever I hear of a new term used by the young crowd that is totally unbeknown to me, a thought always comes to mind: “Well, this was just another proof of being run over by time”. It is rather uncomfortable to entertain such thoughts; probably the only worse imaginable scenario would be to shout at the crowd “you kids are clueless, let me show you how it’s done.”

Greta, the Climate & us

Just admit it, as soon as you lay your eyes on the title of this one, you know exactly who Greta is and what the topic of this text is going to be. Let me preempt your excitement by telling you that you are only partially right. It is true that we are talking about Greta Thunberg, a 16-year old Swede who just over a year ago has started a campaign to protect the planet Earth.

The Ambassador

Casper Klynge is a Danish professional diplomat, with a career that encompassed some very challenging positions. He had held a function for 18 months in Afghanistan at a time when the country was recovering from the civil war and has spent two years leading crisis management missions in Kosovo. All of this, however, has not stopped this 46-year-old from claiming that the position he is currently...

It is never too late

You all have probably heard someone saying things such as: “Where is this world heading to?”; “There was order, back in the days…”; “What's going on with kids these days – I don't get it…” and so on.

A Radioactive Toast To Good Health

Have you seen the new HBO miniseries Chernobyl?

Congrats and thanks to all of you who decided to continue reading after the first line. And a heartfelt thanks to everyone who decided to click on something else after reading the first sentence, something that seems way more promising – I totally understand.

Ova stranica je dostupna i na: ???????? SRPSKOM

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