Back to new old world

The corona pandemic has been ongoing for six months now, yet it feels we aren’t any closer to understanding what is actually happening. It seems we still do not know much about the virus, compared to what we knew when the whole thing started. What we can do is keep adjusting to new circumstances.

Once upon a time in America

One of the industries that was hit the hardest with the pandemic is the entertainment industry. No concerts, no plays, festivals or live gigs… Majority of attempts to move these events into the virtual world have proved unsuccessful; and it makes a lot of sense. Without the live audience to create the energy and provide for interaction, the unique, irreplaceable experience just isn’t there.

Price of Hate

One of the very few news that managed to get to a wider audience without being corona-related is that an increasing number of global companies are joining the “Stop Hate For Profit“ campaign by accepting not to advertise on Facebook during the month of July. Among the corporations that joined the campaign are Coca Cola, Microsoft, Adidas, Reebok, Best Buy, Ford, Honda, Puma, Verizon and many...

Football 2.0

The waiting was unbearable for the day to come. Finally, after almost 100 days, the Aston Villa v. Sheffield United FC match took place on 17 June 2020 marking the day that the English Premier League ultimately continued, following the suspension that took place due to COVID-19 pandemic on 13 March 2020. The world was finally at peace.

Farewell my Office

During the most acute phase of the pandemic we came to terms with the fact that work from home will not be just a temporary thing enforced due to the crisis, but will remain as the new normal once all of this is over. What we could not expect was the switch for the “work from home” to become the most widely spread mode of work in the near future.

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