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Our story about Colin Kaepernick is getting a new sequel these days. Its Majesty Coincidence caused that just one day after the release of the text “The Right Time to Take a Knee,” a music star Rihanna refused to perform in February next year in the half-time of Super Bowl final game of the American NFL football league as an act of support of Colin Kaepernick. It is important to mention that the Super Bowl is the most watched television event in the US and many brands make TV commercials exclusively for the game broadcasting. Due to this popularity, the invitation to perform in the half-time of the match is considered a top privilege that only the most popular stars can enjoy, not to mention financial benefits.

And this is how this scandal with Rihanna became just another chapter in which the entire plot with Colin’s kneeling during the national anthem at the beginning of the NFL game is talked about again, for which he was suspended from this team, the entire league, and the reason he is still in a court dispute process with the NFL.

This caused raising passions to rage and, of course, it caused the issue of the controversial advertising Nike campaign that Kaepernick made to be re-introduced again. The old and new advocates and critics of this campaign reappeared, and Nike, through no fault of their own, can only be pleased to count new posts and shares of the brand. As in an old saying “Let them just talk about me, even if it’s good!”

The “Kaepernick” reality show will certainly have more sequels. For now, we can be sure that the “Rihanna” episode will be talked and written about during the Super Bowl 2019. The fact that she will not even be in Atlanta that day doesn’t mean she won’t be present. After all, I am not worried about her, and certainly, neither Nike is. And why would it, when it will get millions for promoting its brand in the most expensive media event in America – absolutely free.

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