The Economist / World in 2015 – Branimir Brkljač

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On Thursday, December 18th, the Metropol Palace Hotel – Color Press Group organized the conference “The Economist: World in 2015”.

Marketing expert Branimir Brkljač addressed the audience and spoke on the topic of marketing and communication in 2015.

“Today, we will analyse the claim that “the new model of market communication is following’”, said Brkljač and emphasized that traditional media is less effective: “Today every person is a media, and everything private becomes public.”

Today, 12- year-old children are embarrassed when their phone rings, because the only people to call them are their parents – their friends will send them messages”, Brkljač said, speaking about the rapid development of mobile phones and the loss of their primary function.

“Today, the goal of marketing communication is arrangement– we live in a faster time, but the goal is achieved slower”, Branimir Brkljač said.

You can watch a video below to see what else he was talking about.

Source: Svet, YouTube

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