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Yesterday I wrote my first blog post. I did not write it guided by the ambition to announce urbi et orbi, a great truth after which nothing will be as it used to be. It is not my goal either to get thousands of followers and fans. My reason was much more superficial. I just wanted to say that I was alive. There, that’s all.

I have been explaining to myself and others why I am not present on social networks for a long time. People understand that I do not have to be everywhere, especially at my age. Come on, I do not really need to have myYoutubechannel, or to be on the Snapchat. As a matter of fact, it is not really for me, not to mention Tinder. But, if I was not at least on Facebook, that would be really serious.

If it was a sign that I slowly accepted technological innovations at first, the questions quickly came to the point when I asked myself “Are you out of your mind?” And today, questions raised to the level when people ask whether you are alive at all. Because if you’re not in this virtual world, you’re probably no longer alive. And that’s how I decided to be born again in my old age and dispel the suspicions of worried friends and acquaintances about whether I am alive or not.

Besides this blog, I think about using Twitter, but I am not sure yet. There is one company to which you report your Twitter account and which keeps all your tweets and when one day you are far from breathing, then the server where your tweets are preserved keeps communicating on your behalf. You do not breathe again, but it’s not a sign that you are dead. And nothing is strange – based on your communication it is not a problem to make your profile today. That’s why there is an almighty and powerful algorithm: it is known what and who you love, what you don’t like, as well as what you stand for and against, where you had travelled, places you visited, all the fun you experienced on your journeys, what kind of music you listen to and which shows you watch… you see, you make the package and become the best version of yourself.

Additionally, you don’t have to spend money to build a marble monument to which only your name will be engraved, and the two dates based on the principle from-to with your picture from a high school or wedding attached to it that will soon begin to fade. And you will need all the money you have saved during your life because this server will communicate with the world on your behalf after only as much time as you paid for. So, it is up you to decide.

I have resisted these new technologies for a long time. But now that I have entered this world, I see that the sky is the limit. Literally!

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