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Work and freedom

There was a time when people lived by rules and they were obeyed even in taverns. And today... there are no rules and everything is mixed up. First of all, the taverns were gradually replaced by cafes. But, well, I'm the man who keeps up with trends and I understand that each time has its own distinctive marks.

Fan. And proud of it

Who did you cheer for at the recently finished World Football Cup? Naturally, I’m not asking those from one of the 24 countries whose national teams qualified for the championship, because we all know who they cheered for. Actually, we knew that until the moment their national team dropped out of the tournament, and from that moment on, the question also applies to them.

Eternal Life

Yesterday I had written my first blog post. I did not write it guided by the ambition to announce urbi et orbi, a great truth after which nothing will be as it used to be. It is not my goal either to get thousands of followers and fans. My reason was much more superficial. I just wanted to say that I was alive. There, that's all.

Sing One’s Own Praises

“Don’t speak ill of the dead” is one of those phrases we have all heard and surely used many times. Most of us do not know where it came from, and we have the impression that it has always been here like an eternal, non-questionable truth. But really, why is that so?

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