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Much to everyone’s surprise, Amazon revealed mid-February this year that it will withdraw from building the new headquarters in Long Island, NY. The news of Amazon executives’ decision came only days short of three months following the initial announcement of the company’s plan to build two new headquarters in the US.

Lady Bradley

Ok, so, what do you think? Is this thing going to happen or not? We can develop possible scenarios of "when" and "how", but we need to firstly determine the numbers: how many of you is certain that it is inevitable, and how many think that there is no way for this thing to be real? No matter the outcome, this is an important, hot topic and you are expected to voice your opinion.

The circus is in town

During his testimony before the American Congress, concerning Donald Trump’s shady dealings before he became US president, Michael Cohen, his attorney and one of his closest associates for numerous years, said, among other things, that even Trump himself did not believe that he would become the president, and that he had actually entered the election race to strengthen his brand and create new...

Just do it

One of the heroes of our stories has recently reappeared on the front pages and occupied prime media time. It's Colin Kaepernick, a football player who, as an act of protest against racially motivated police violence in America, during the national anthem, kneeled instead of standing at the beginning of each match.

Ova stranica je dostupna i na: ???????? SRPSKOM

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