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Can you hear my face?

What would you tell me if I asked you this? I’ve got some more questions like this one. Jesus, what kind of song are you wearing? Why do you think these glasses are too loud? Is it just me, or did last night’s dinner sound a little off? Did you hear her eyes well?

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P. S. Our story about Colin Kaepernick is getting a new sequel these days. His Majesty the Colin Case caused that just one day after the release of the text "The Right Time to Take a Knee," a music star Rihanna refused to perform in February next year in the half-time of Super Bowl final game of the American NFL football league as an act of support of Colin Kaepernick.

The right time to take a knee

In last two months, much has been written, tweeted, discussed and talked about the Nike’s latest campaign launched in September of this year. The issue being debated was not the latest sneaker model, or a famous Adidas star defecting to the camp of its eternal rival, Nike. The big issue was Colin Kaepernick, the main character in this recent campaign.

What the Hell is the Number with you?

Near the end of summer, Ljubljana became covered in billboards with the local cable sports channel which holds the broadcasting rights for the Italian football league “Serie A”, informing passers-by that their channel would exclusively be broadcasting the matches of this Italian league, starting from August 18th.

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