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Devil’s work

Discounts are now a commonplace. Wherever you turn, a discount is waiting for you. There is almost no shopwindow with prices, without the famous "%" sign following. And even a remaining number of people who watch TV or listen to the radio can't escape the discounts that appear in pictures and words in each commercial.

It looks silly, but it actually works

Way back in 1991, when the first TV commercial aired under the slogan “It looks silly, but it actually works” it marked the official launch of the sales campaign for Kosmodisk, a strange product at the time, to say the least, which was supposed to help with back pain. Back then, I was just a regular beginner, and this was my very first marketing campaign.

Exclusivity no longer lives here

Recently, I went to a restaurant which is only open on Thursdays, and only for dinner. It's located in an apartment in an ordinary residential building, with no sign anywhere indicating that there's a restaurant inside. In fact, you need to know exactly which bell to ring if you want the door to open.

We’ve got to have you working

Just so you know, if you’ve spent 50 minutes on Facebook today, you’ve been there shorter than the time spent by the average user of this social network. If you’ve been watching random YouTube content for half an hour, that half hour enters the total sum of one billion hours spent today by people around the world using this service.

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